For The Ladies

November 8, 2009

Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009 “Cult Classics” Collection:

Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009 "Cult Classics" Collection

We present to you the new Hellz Bellz Holiday 2009 “Cult Classics” Collection. While taking elements and inspiration from the film ‘Heathers,’ ‘Cult Classic’ seeks to personify the seemingly innocent girl with anything but innocent intentions.

The collection creates a moody and subtle yet inspiring ambience through a darker holiday color palette with a sense of mischievousness throughout the collection, as well as a connection to every female’s devious side. New interesting pieces in this collection include; the ‘Villain’s’ jacket, a unique play on a motorcycle / peacoat jacket, with an exaggerated collar, perforated leather sleeves and wool body. Also, the ‘Kiss My…’ shemagh skirt with tie and fringe details.

As always, witty design and intricate detail are a staple for the collection and only help further prove that volatile and sly girls will forever be ‘Cult Classics.’ Detailed pics below.


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