Bonefish Restaurant Review

November 12, 2009

Bonefish Grill

So last Friday night as usual my best friend Shay and I decided to grab a bite to eat for dinner.  I mean who really feels like making dinner on a Friday? Apparently she heard good things about this place called Bonefish Grill.  Since I only eat fish I was immediately intrigued.

There was nowhere to park….

and the place was packed as soon as we arrived. We figured this was a good sign and that this place was going to be “da bomb”!  50mins and waiting we finally get to our seats….and our waitress doesn’t waste anytime bringing us a piping hot loaf of ciabatta  bread.  

The menu consisted of all types of fresh fish and an array of unique side items such as Jazmine rice and succotash made with fresh salsa  Food Selection…. mmmm just the thought is impressive.  I decided to play it safe, as usual, and ordered fish and chips.

Fresh grouper that was tempura fried with a side of fries. Shay as always took a walk on the wildside and ordered bang bang shrimp tacos that came with potato chips….. Not Utz. We’re talking real home made skillet fried potatos which were insanely delicious.

This place is very modest when it comes to prices as well.  Most of the drinks and wine selections were priced right at around 5 bucks a glass. A glass of Merlot and the House Sangria were our choices.  During these hard economic times you can’t get any better than that.  This was the most reasonable Friday dinner I’ve had in a while.

*bon appetit*


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