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Yummy!…Rosa Acosta… The Sequel

April 28, 2010

Rosa Acosta:

As I Stand Accused Ism

No matter how many pics I see of Rosa Acosta, they seem to get better and better…. Take a look for yourself.

Embrace The Ism Assets

Nice Tasty Cakes…..

Squatting Ism Allure

The Seat Is Callin' Pimpin'


Yummy….Raquel Reign

March 11, 2010

Raquel Reign:

Bombshell in the making, Raquel Reigns is one of the hottest combinations of the 3 Bs. Beauty, Brains and Booty. Raquel is a gorgeous mix of Puerto Rican and Dominican fire. Her eyes and beauty are captivating and if thats not enough 37F-27-42 speaks for itself.


American Rebel: The Movie- Starring – Amber Rose

February 1, 2010

Amber Rose-American Rebel:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ms. Rose. Enjoy.


Yummy!!! Catya “Ms CAT” Washington

January 21, 2010

Cat Washington:

Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat 1

Stike a pose….

Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat

Love the burger buns….

Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat 2

Hi there…

Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat 5

Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat 3

Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat 6


Megan Fox

January 13, 2010

Megan Fox for Armani:

Megan Fox for Armani

These are the first images from Armani’s new ad campaign featuring none other than Megan Fox. Niice.


Star Whores?

January 13, 2010

Star Wars Burlesque Show:

Star Wars Burlesque Show

Check out these interesting pics from the Star Wars-themed burlesque show that took place at the Los Angeles club Bordello (which used to be a LA whorehouse).

Star Wars Girls_-45-1.jpg

Star Wars Burlesque Show

Star Wars Girls_-30-1.jpg

Star Wars Girls_-37-1.jpg


Yummy! Rosa Acosta… Part Deux

January 5, 2010

Rosa Acosta:

Yea. I know have put alot of focus on Rosa Acosta’s Azzzets, but as long as she continues to do photo spreads….I’ll continue to post them. Yumm.

My Pimpin' Was Embraced

Looks like somone spilled something….

My Pimpin' Overflowith

Got Rubber Ducky?

Sittin' & Contemplating Some Pimpin'